GPS tracking
and remote control

Innovative and reliable products
for the vehicle localization
and the fleet management


IOT systems
for asset management

Innovative products for the localization and
the remote control of assets
and industrial equipements

B2 – On-board computer with localization functions, alarm and telemetry
B2 is the most performing device in the Raliacom product range that gives the possibility to implement advanced telematics applications. Thanks to its powerful core and to an extended signals interface, B2 can be connected to all the communications buses commonly available on a vehicle: CAN bus, K-line, J1708, RS232/485, USB, Ethernet.

B1 – GPS/GPRS tracker
It is a reliable GPS/GPRS tracking device, ideal for the development of web based  fleet management systems.

R1-T – Rugged GPS/GPRS tracker
Thanks to the box developed by Raliacom with IP67 protection, this product is designed for the harshest environments and for a greater autonomy in the absence of external power sources.

R1-CM – Rugged GPS/GPRS tracker with long autonomy
R1-CM is intended for extended use of its internal battery. It becomes ideal for the contexts where the connection to a power source is not possible at all or not simple to be maintained.

Vehicle information

In addition to the localization and tracking functions, Raliacom products can be connected to most common networks available in vehicles of the latest generation or earlier.
Up to two CAN bus ports can be used to receive information about the status of the vehicle, the driver behaviour, maintenance to be performed.
In most of the truck models is now available the FMS interface, a standard protocol which includes all the information necessary for the optimal management of the vehicle. Raliacom products can be used to collect also these data.
Diagnostic information can also be read through the KLINE port and the OBD protocol.
Some vehicles required a communication port J1708 to get information not otherwise available.
To complete the interface other ports are available: serial lines RS232, RS485, USB for the connection with any other automation system on board the vehicle or the industrial asset.

Software tools

Raliacom products can be programmed both in C or Java languages.
Raliacom development kits are free of charge.
For product families B1 and R1 is available an Eclipse SDK that allows the development of Java multi-threading applications using Raliacom libraries.
Software applications for B2 family, based on i.MX287 core with embedded Linux, can be developed using Freescale and LTIB tools.
Two Raliacom libraries allows to develop in C or Java source language.


Raliacom products are designed and manufactured with high quality standards that ensure an excellent reliability.
Raliacom developed  an innovative final test system, to completely check its products simulating also the vehicle movement.
Many independent and automatic test stations allow a prolonged and exhaustive testing (average test time is more than 1 hour for each device) without altering the production costs.

Remote update

All Raliacom products can be software update remotely using the OTAP (On The Air Programming), through the GPRS channel.
The upgrade may concern the application software that firmware specific hardware modules it contains (GSM, GPS, etc.).


All Raliacom products are certified according to the latest automotive standards.
Depending on the model: ECE R10 – ECE R116 – CEI 79-56
Raliacom can provide additional certifications country or market specific.