R1-CM – Rugged GPS/GPRS tracker with long autonomy

cod. 011004

R1-CM is intended for extended use of its internal battery. It becomes ideal for the contexts where the connection to a power source is not possible at all or not simple to be maintained.

Thanks to 4  powerful neodymium magnets  the product can be temporary mounted and easy transported, such as from one container to another.
The temporary installation should be on ferromagnetic surfaces (iron or steel) without the need for screws. In other cases the mounting can be made ​​by screws through the box pads.

R1-CM is equipped with a rechargeable 18.6Ah battery that gives the device an autonomy up to one year, depending on the level of power saving adopted.

The product uses an innovative sensor without mechanical contact to detect the detachment from the supporting surface (tamper function).
The signal can be used to send removal alarms.

Main features

  • Power 8-32 VDC, protected
  • Watchdog dedicated hardware, with full power cycle
  • Battery backup from 18.6 Ah rechargeable
  • GSM / GPRS Gemalto EGS5X
  • SIM holder with anti-vibration clip
  • GPS (GLONASS) Ublox MAX-7Q to 56 channels
  • 8 MB Flash memory 1.7 MB RAM
  • JAVA virtual machine
  • 3D accelerometer integrated and programmable
  • 3 digital inputs and 1 output OC
  • 2 analog inputs
  • Tamper input
  • RS232 serial port
  • Polycarbonate box with IP67 grade

Datasheet download (PDF format)