B2 – On-board computer with localization functions, alarm and telemetry

cod. 011002

B2 is the most performing device in the Raliacom product range that gives the possibility to implement advanced telematics applications. Thanks to its powerful core and to an extended signals interface, B2 can be connected to all the communications buses commonly available on a vehicle: CAN bus, K-line, J1708, RS232/485, USB, Ethernet.

The heart of the system is the powerful i.MX287 Freescale CPU, configured with 256 MB Flash and 128 MB DRAM.
Embedded Linux operating system enables the development of complex telematics applications in a stable and reliable environment.
The Raliacom BSP, including C and JAVA libraries, provides full access to all the hardware resources.

The U-blox GPS receiver allows high frequency tracking. The GPRS connection is made ​​through a Gemalto GSM quad band module.

B2 can be used a localizer, black box for car accident registration, antitheft, trucks telemetry, etc.

The SDK tool provided by Raliacom allows to develop software applications both in C or JAVA language, using the included libraries.

Main features

  • Power 8-32 VDC, protected
  • Watch-dog dedicated hardware, with full power cycle
  • Backup Battery 850 mAh rechargeable
  • GSM / GPRS quad band Gemalto BGS2-W
  • SIM holder with anti-vibration clip
  • GPS (GLONASS) Ublox MAX-7Q to 56 channels
  • CPU at 454 MHz Freescale iMX287
  • 256 MB Flash memory 128 MB RAM memory D
  • Linux embedde o.s. with JAVA virtual machine
  • 8 digital inputs and outputs 3 OC
  • 2 analog inputs
  • Internal temperature, battery voltage and supply voltage measurement
  • 3D integrated accelerometer
  • 2 CAN bus port
  • 2 RS232 serial port
  • J1708/RS485 port
  • K-line port
  • USB port
  • Ethernet port (via optional converter USBtoEth)
  • Analog audio interface for hands-free function

Datasheet download (PDF format)