Raliacom realizes innovative products for the localization and the remote control of vehicles, industrial equipment and assets.

Supported by its experience in M2M market with tens of thousands of units installed by customers, Raliacom offers a wide range of devices. Each product includes sophisticated technological solutions, high standards in production quality and automotive certifications.

It is very easy to build a web application for satellite tracking or M2M telemetry using the Raliacom products: performance, reliability and free of charge programming tools make them ideal for new projects or for the renewal of existing solutions.

The products, designed and manufactured in Italy, are using the most advanced GNSS satellite and cellular modules. This ensure extremely precise positions and reliable data communications.

Raliacom provides programming environments simple yet very powerfull for the software development on its products.

Raliacom also aims to be a competent and effective partner for the development of new products for specific needs.

The Raliacom products are approved according to automotive regulations and are tested with automatic procedures longer than the industry average.